Custom men’s quick-drying pants fabric

What fabric is good for custom men’s quick-drying pants

1. Polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is a common chemical fiber garment fabric in daily life. Its advantages are good wrinkle resistance and shape retention. Therefore, quick-drying pants fabrics can also be used, but its moisture absorption and gloss are not very good.

2. Nylon fabric

What kind of fabric are quick-drying pants? The abrasion resistance of nylon fabric is the best among all kinds of clothing materials, so its durability is also very good. For complex and changeable outdoor environments, quick-drying pants are extremely wear-resistant. Okay, so nylon is also often used for quick-drying pants, and nylon fabric has excellent elasticity and elastic recovery.

3. High-tech functional processing

What fabric is good for quick-drying pants? Now many well-known brands of quick-drying pants use high-tech functional processing, like the world-renowned Scotchgard process, which gives the organization very good oil and stain resistance, making quick-drying pants easy to deal with various types The harsh environment always brings a relaxing and refreshing experience. What material is good for quick-drying pants? Some use the latest nano-microporous fiber technology. The inside of the fiber adopts a “honeycomb” bionic design, which will automatically adjust according to the temperature and temperature of the human body.

Custom men's quick-drying pants fabric

Custom quick-drying pants should pay attention to what

When looking for quick-drying pants manufacturers to customize men’s quick-drying pants, we need to pay attention to:
1. Quick-drying: The quick-drying fabric has low water absorption, good air permeability, and a certain degree of water repellency. After being wet, under the effect of body temperature or wind, it dries faster than ordinary clothes, keeping the body dry at all times .

2. Breathable: Quick-drying fabric can improve the air flow in the high-heat zone of the human body, maintain the best exercise state and comfort, the pants are lighter and softer, and make the body skin more relaxed and comfortable.

3. Anti-ultraviolet rays: Some quick-drying fabrics are treated with sunlight and sunscreen, which can effectively block the intrusion of ultraviolet rays, reflect some ultraviolet rays, and block UVA and UVB to protect the skin and prevent sunburn.


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