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  • 2021-01-11
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Yoga clothing Manufacturer

We produce Yoga clothing for globally reknown companies as well as young brands within our broad network of Yoga and clothing factories. Get in touch with us if you plan on producing Yoga clothes.

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What is yoga sportswear?

Yoga clothes are clothes for practicing yoga. Generally yoga clothes on points long-sleeved, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, vest, suspenders, and pants, then it is straight, horn, bloomers comparison majority.

Yoga clothing fabrics

The fabric of yoga clothes is something we need to consider before looking for Yoga clothing Manufacturer to customize

General yoga clothes are made of pure cotton, cotton hemp, nylon and polyester

Pure cotton, such as peir, Yuanyang, etc., are cheap and easy to pilling deformation.

Cotton and hemp, such as hada, kangsuya and so on, have low cost performance. They are easy to wrinkle when they are ironed once.

Polyester fabrics, such as luyvan, which are similar to swimsuits, are light, not close to the body. They are cool, but they don’t sweat. When it’s hot, it’s easy to feel smelly.

Nylon fabric, generally 87% nylon and 13% spandex, such as youkalian, flyoga yoga clothes, etc., this kind of fabric is good, sweat absorption, shape, no pilling, no deformation.

As a professional yoga clothes manufacturer, we must have dozens of common yoga clothes fabrics for customers to choose, so. You don’t have to worry about choosing the right fabric

what we do

Yoga clothing Manufacturer1. Abundant size and color selections: we provide you with different colors and sizes, size ranges from small to large, give you more choices, you can choose proper size and favors colors, suitable for adolescent girls as well

2. Easy to match with clothes: our tank top are simply designed, but also classic styles to wear in everyday life, a variety of colors for you to choose, these colors are easy matching ones, can fit your different clothes

3. Comfortable wearing experience: soft to touch, comfortable to wear, this kind of material is stretchy, will not make you feel too tight

4. Where to use: this crop tank top is a basic and necessary accessory for women and girls, it is practical to wear for running, yoga, dancing, biking, gym exercise, exercise workout, also nice to be applied as daily wearing in home, give you relaxed feeling

Jingqi Apparel

One of the fast-growing clothing manufacturer in China. Own factory for Sportswear, Uniform, Casual Wear etc. providing ODM and OEM one-stop full package service among for US,CA and Europe market since 2003.

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